The aim of the project

• The conservation, restoration and rehabilitation, of the ruined monuments

• The development of the city through the improvement of the cultural standard.

• The international promotion  and recognition of the Municipality, the increase of visits and generally the improvement of the development and retention of the cultural product and the premium upgrade of the offered cultural services – recreation on the Tourism sector.

• The development of Innovation on cultural heritage matters.

• Improving the offered/proposed tourist product in order to be rendered more attractive, especially in whatever concerns particular teams –goals of visitors with special interests. Therefore, the increase of the sojourn will contribute in the achievement of the following goals of touristic policy.

  • Increasing the number of visitors and extending the duration of overnights with the creation of a special interests tourist market e.g. cultural, historical and environmental.

• Attracting high income class tourists

• Expanding of the touristic period – resolving the problem of the seasonal movement/actuation in the city.  

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